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    Euphonycart presents FENDER AFFINITY SERIES PRECISION BASS PJ Olympic White.The best value available in today’s bass guitar designs, the Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ rocks classic tone and comfortable feel, along with updated features. The addition of a punchy Jazz Bass® bridge pickup to the traditional split single-coil Precision Bass® pickup makes this instrument one of the most tonally versatile basses you’ll ever play.

    21,892.00 17,947.00
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    Euphonycart In India. With the exceptional tone of HyDrive speakers housed in a durable, highly portable enclosure, Hartke‘s HD500 Bass Combo is able to perform at levels far beyond ordinary bass combos.

    59,003.00 54,872.00
  • Euphonycart presents Korg Beatlab BTL-Mini Digital Metronome. The Korg Beatlab Digital Metronome is the perfect practice companion for practicing and perfecting many rhythms and styles. You may select one of the included 39 basic rudiments or create your own. Beatlab plays the tempo and flashes its 2 colored LEDs to help you feel the beat. The red light indicates the strong beat/left hand while the green light indicates the weak beat/right hand. The extra-loud volume makes it easy to hear what’s going on even if you’re wearing headphones. You can program up to 9 types of rhythm. The large backlit programming screen lets you visually monitor everything even in dark spaces.

  • Euphonycart presents Korg Monologue Synthesizer . The Korg monologue puts rich, vibrant analog synthesis in your hands for an amazing price. Its engine is similar to the acclaimed minilogue analog synthesizer, with updated voicing and a 2-pole VCF that’s optimized for monophonic bass and lead tones. The powerful 16-step sequencer is perfect for creating classic acid-style basslines and more, and you can transpose your sequence just by pressing any key on the 25-key mini-keybed. Factor in micro tuning, per-step parameter lock for the sequencer, and the ability to save 100 programs — the Korg monologue analog synthesizer is an impressive monosynth indeed.

  • Euphonycart presents Korg NANOKTRL-ST USB Controller. The nanoKONTROL Studio provides transport keys and a mixer section, giving you stress-free control of your DAW or DJ software. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It’s a light-weight, compact mobile MIDI controller that lets you create music more intuitively than ever.

  • Euphonycart presents Korg Speaker System for PA3X PAAS in India. The Korg PaAS quick-connect monitor is an optional, super high-fidelity speaker/amplification bar has been specifically designed to connect directly to the keyboard. Useful for both home use and on-stage monitoring, the PaAS uses Korg’s “Easy Connect” system: no additional support, no cables, no power supply needed to deliver crisp, clean full range sound.

  • Euphonycart presents Korg SDD-3000 Effect Pedal.
    The SDD-3000 PEDAL packs all of the SDD-3000’s functionality into a convenient pedal unit. Featuring a preamp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD-3000’s important elements.

    In addition to specifications that will satisfy SDD-3000 users, it provides many new functions such as eight delay types, long delay times up to 4,000 milliseconds, selectable modulation waveforms, stereo input/output, and MIDI compatibility. The user interface has also been updated for improved ease of use.

  • Euphonycart presents Marshall MG-412BCF. The 8-ohm, 120W MG Series MG412CF Guitar Speaker Cabinet is loaded with 4 – 12″ custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers that really crank out that authentic Marshall tone. The road-ready MG412CF cab features reinforced corners, recessed side bar handles, and is covered in a Carbon Fiber-looking material. Choose either angled or straight-front configuration. 26-3/8″W x 26-3/8″H x 14″D. 65 lb.

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    Euphonycart presents Roland BC TC-NY New York Blues Tone Capsule. Developed under the supervision of NYC guitarist Oz Noy, the New York Blues Tone Capsule brings yet another expressive voice to the Blues Cube amp series. It takes the amp into the realm of the traditional British EL84 combo—often referred to as the “class A sound”—while still offering fundamental elements of the Blues Cube’s American tweed heritage. Voiced for classic chime at lower settings, the Clean channel becomes sweeter, creamier, and more overdriven as the volume is cranked. Switching to the Crunch channel kicks in a bolder tone with thicker midrange that’s perfect for rock rhythms and fat lead solos. Dynamic and versatile, the New York Blues Tone Capsule delivers a unique tonal fusion that captures the international diversity of the New York City music scene.

    “What we all like about tube amps is that you have this compression, and that’s what kind of keeps the tone moving. And this has it big time. It’s great.”—Oz Noy

    Compatible amplifiers: Blues Cube ArtistBlues Cube Artist212Blues Cube Stage, and Blues Cube Tour.

    18,216.00 17,400.00
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    The new F370 offers more quality, sound and value than many guitars that cost much more. The dreadnought style guitar comes with a spruce top, nato back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard and delivers a robust, tonally well balanced sound with clearly defined high end and deep, solid lows.

    11,990.00 11,190.00
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