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    • ADD A TAMBOURINE SOUND TO YOUR SNARE DRUM: The 14” Meinl Backbeat Pro Tambourine enhances back beats and drops in some “ching” to drum & bass, jungle grooves, or second line march styles. Place on and take off at any time. Made of a solid brass ring and brass jingles, the Backbeat Pro Tambourine requires no adhesives while fitting snug inside any drum hoop
    • RIM SHOT LOVERS, THIS IS FOR YOU: The solid brass ring is made of Meinl cymbal alloy and is shaped to make contact 360 degrees around the drum for dynamic control while also having a raised edge for increased attack with rim shots
    • EIGHT PAIRS OF SOLID BRASS JINGLES: The brass jingles give a sharp, high pitched tambourine effect that mixes perfectly with the natural sound of a snare. They are arranged in a half moon shape to give you plenty of space to hit the brass ring without striking the jingles.
    • USE ON A FLOOR TOM TOO: Place the Backbeat Pro on your floor tom for some extra deep grooves with a splash of jingle.
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