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  • cas21 cvl
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    Euphonycart presents Chateau CAS 21CVL Alto Saxophone.

    54,900.00 46,665.00
  • vch 221l
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    Euphonycart Present Chateau VCH 221L MBR Saxophone. Chateau has received much praise for their saxophones both in Denmark and abroad in recent years. Alto Saxophone is their best selling model. It is solid, has a high degree of finish. It’s a nice feeling to have it in your hands and in your mouth. The sound is round and warm with the right blade. Chateaus alto sax is thoroughly tested at the factory and is therefore close from bottom to top. It must be called to a very good start alto sax, and many intermediate / semi-professional will be able to find pleasure in blowing this solid horn for many years. Chateau Altsaxen delivered course complete with mouthpiece, strap, korkstift and polishing cloth and in a very sturdy box – luxury.

    44,500.00 40,385.00
  • Chateau VCH 231 MBR Saxophone
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    Euphonycart Present Chateau VCH 231 MBR Saxophone. Chateau saxophones are characterized by their precise intonation, smooth response, and superior resonant and pure sound, most important they are durable. You will find our saxophones can give you more than your expectancy. Great response from low to high pitches with excellent intonation!

    60,850.00 56,590.00
  • Chateau VCH 242L MBR Saxophone
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    Euphonycart Present Chateau VCH 242L MBR Saxophone. The Chateau CVH-242L saxophone makes a great instrument for beginning musicians. Built with great response from low to high and excellent intonation. Includes case, mouthpiece, cap, and ligature.

    39,525.00 35,758.00
  • Sale
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    Euphonycart presents Roland AE-10 Digital Saxophone. The Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a trailblazing digital wind instrument that fuses traditional sax fingering with the flexible onboard tones you need. Seasoned players will feel instantly at home with the familiar saxophone fingering system, responsive SuperNATURAL sounds, and a breath sensor that reacts like your favorite acoustic horn. The large sound selection faithfully recreates saxophone models from soprano to baritone, plus wind instruments like clarinet and trumpet, string instruments, and even synths. With built-in speakers, battery power capability, and DAW connectivity, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is the versatile, play-anywhere choice that supports you in every musical scenario.

    83,041.00 74,736.00
  • Euphonycart presents Roland OP-AE10MP Optional Mouthpiece.  Replacement mouthpiece for the Aerophone AE-10 Digital Wind Instrument. The OP-AE10MP features a soft-type reed which is suitable for players of wind instruments such as flute or recorder. Mouthpiece cover included.

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