Return policy

  • Euphonycart will entertain the application of return, replacement and refund only in the event of damage, dent, technical error, malfunction and wrong product.
  • Euphonycart will not entertain the return of product in terms of changing their mind even after receiving the right product as of what it was ordered. For Eg: Colour, Model, Brand etc.
  • To apply for return policy the customer must report to Euphonycart at or Call or WhatsApp at 906738294 for experiencing any of these event such as receiving dent product, damage product or wrong product immediately or within 24 hours from the time of receiving.
  • If any technical error arises with the product in the first 7 days after receiving, Euphonycart will accept the application of return/replacement and refund with the proper inspection of the product.
  • Any technical error arises with the product after the first 7 days of receiving, Euphonycart will considered the error of the product to be covered and solved with the warranty service provided by the brand accordingly.
  • Return will not be accepted for any kind of damage occurred from end of customer after receiving the product.
  • If customer receive any damaged product, the customer must return the product as it is and with all the belongings.
  • Refund and replacement due to any of the above mentioned events will be initiate only after the return product has been received at our source destination.