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  • Gibson IM90R NH Guitar Pickup
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    Euphonycart Present¬†Gibson IM90R NH Guitar Pickup.It would be a big mistake to assume that all humbuckers sound alike. Truth is, there are a number of Gibson humbucking pickups available, and each one has its own distinctive personality. The “Modern Classic” Series from Gibson features tonal characteristics that are similar to the company’s popular ’57 Classic, but with a slight increase in the upper midrange. It’s 100% pure humbucker, but with a modern edge that delivers a more contemporary tonal range that’s perfect for almost any style of music. The 490R, with its neck spaced pole pieces, is perfectly calibrated to match the 490T, which is spaced for the bridge position. Both employ Alnico II magnets for a super smooth frequency response. This one comes with a nickel plated pickup cover.

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