Roland C 380U Classic Organ

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Euphonycart presents Roland C-380U Classic Organ. With its authentic reverberant sound and outstanding playability, the C-380 will impress you deeply. The satisfying keyboard feel and excellent pedal touch make the C-380 a thoroughly enjoyable organ to play. It is equipped with many valuable features and comes with a cabinet in luxurious dark oak with roll top. It’s design is compact, lightweight and space saving.

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Product Description

  • High quality sound from Rodgers/Roland library
  • Compact and lightweight body features a luxurious Dark Oak finish and a roll top with lock and key
  • Cathedral-size sound thanks to the RSS ambience system
  • Satellite speakers for creating the spatial dynamism of pipes
  • Two 61-note manuals with tracker-action; 30-note parallel concave pedalboard
  • Instant switching between classical tunings, baroque pitch, etc.
  • Six User MIDI couplers for ultimate flexibility in registration
  • USB Flash Memory connector to store performances and registration sets
  • Divisional Mute function helps your practicing

KeyboardsManual: 2 x 61 keys (C2 to C7, Tracker action)
Pedal: 30 keys (C2 to F4, Parallel Concave)
Stops (Tablet)Total 33 Stops
MAN I: 9 Tablets + 2 (User/MIDI Couplers)
MAN II: 10 Tablets + 2 (User/MIDI Couplers)
Pedal: 8 Tablets + 2 (User/MIDI Couplers)
4 Voice Palette each: 27 X 4 Total 108 voices
USER/MIDI Voice: 104 Voices
Total: 212 Voices
CouplerManual Coupler: I/P, II/P, II/I
Equipped with tablets and pistons.
Melody Coupler: 1 (Piston)
Bass Coupler: 1 (Piston)
USER/MIDI Coupler: 6 (2 for each division)Tremulant (Tablet)MAN I, MAN II: Total 2RegistrationGeneral piston: 5 X 20 Memory Banks Total 100
MAN I divisional piston: 5 X 20 Memory Banks Total 100
MAN II divisional piston: 5 X 20 Memory Banks Total 100
PistonSET: 1 (parameters)
General Piston: 5 (registration)
MAN I divisional piston: 5 (registration)
MAN II divisional piston: 5 (registration)
M+, M-: 1 each (memory bank)
PREV, NEXT: 1 each (shift registration)
I/P, II/P, II/I: 1 each (manual coupler)
I/P ENCL: 1 (expression pedal I/P enclosed)
STOP, PLAY/PAUSE, REC: 1 each (song recorder)
0: 1 (General cancel)EffectRSS ReverbControls4 Knobs: [Master Volume] knob, [Reverb] knob, [Satellite Volume (Select/Menu)] knob, [Value (Exit Menu)] knob
Key Transpose-6 to +5 (semitone steps)Temperaments9 types (Equal, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger I/III, Vallotti,
Meantone D#/Eb, Pythagorean, Modern Bach)Pitch4 types (Versailles: 392 Hz / Baroque: 415 Hz / Modern: 440 Hz / Venetian: 465 Hz)Master Tuning+/- 100 centsSong RecorderTracks: 1
Tempo: Quarter note = 20 to 240
Piston: STOP, PLAY/PAUSE, RECFile StorageMedia: USB memoryPedalExpression Pedal: 1
Kick Switch: 2
SpeakersWoofer 20 cm x 2, Tweeter 5 cm x 2, Satellite Speakers 12 cm x 2
ConnectorsPhones jack (Stereo), Output jacks (L/Mono, R), Input jacks (L/Mono, R), MIDI connectors (In, Out), External Memory connector (USB Flash Memory connector), Satellite Speaker (Dedicated Connector), Pedalboard connecting cable, AC Inlet
Power Consumption120 WCabinet FinishSimulated Dark OakAccessoriesPedalboard (PDB-12PC) * separate carton, Bench (BNC-33) * separate carton, Satellite Speakers (with two screws for wall mounting), Power Cord, Key: 2 (For keyboard cover), Owner’s manual, Quick manual, Assembling leaflet (included in the benchOptionUSB MemorySIZE AND WEIGHT (TOTAL OF CONSOLE AND PEDALBOARD, INCLUDING MUSIC REST)Width1,275 mm
50-1/4 inchesDepth915 mm
36-1/16 inchesHeight1,375 mm
54-3/16 inchesWeight110.0 kg
242 lbs. 9 oz.SIZE AND WEIGHT (BENCH)Width1,350 mm
53-3/16 inchesDepth294 mm
11-5/8 inchesHeight665 mm
26-3/16 inchesWeight20.0 kg
44 lbs. 2 oz.


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