Pluto E 20DFX



Product Description

Pluto E-20DFX Electric Guitar Amplifier is a steal! It provides rich, full sound projection and delivers a crisp, quality sound. Best Quality Entry Level Bass Amp. The best value available anywhere for an entry level Electric Guitar Amplifier and Ideal for the beginner and great for a seasoned player that needs a Bass Amplifier to practice or for a Gig Performance.

Power: 20W RMS
8″ Speaker
Plug input for guitar
3-Band EQ (treble, mid, bass) with parametric mid
2 channel Clean/Overdrive
Volume for clean-channel
Overdrive channel with seperate volume and gain control
16 integrated digital effects:5 x reverb, 4 x delay, 2 x delay/reverb, 3 x chorus/reverb, 2 x flanger/reverb
Stereo plug input for CD/MP3 player
Output for headphones
Detachable power supply cable.


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