Tama Star Classic Performer PR62HZS B/B 6 Pcs Acoustic Drum Kit VBL

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Euphonycart presents Tama Star Classic Performer Series B/B 6 pieces acoustic drum kit. One of our best-selling kits for advanced and up coming players is Starclassic Performer with its Birch/Bubinga shells. A combination of the short stack toms and the big floortom/bassdrums give it the sound needed for modern music styles.

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Product Description

Hyperdrive features:

  • Short stack toms
  • 2 floortoms
  • 20″ deep bassdrum
  • No tom mount on bassdrum
  • Toms attached to the cymbal stands
  • Shells: Bubinga & Birch Tom Toms / Floor Toms: 4 ply birch + 3 inner plies Bubinga, 6mmBass Drums : 5-ply birch + 3 inner plies Bubinga, 8mm
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Die Cast hoops
  • EVANS drumheads
  • Floortom rubber feet with air suspension
  • Chrome hardware


Kit configuration

  • 10 x 6.5″TT
  • 12 x 7″TT
  • 14 x 12″FT
  • 16 x 14″FT
  • 22 x 18″BD
  • MTH900AS Tomholder + MC61 Clamps(2 x)


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