Meinl Drumstick, Hickory, Acorn Tip -5A Long SB103

  • Standard Long 5A: the Meinl stick & brush Standard Long 5A has a 0. 565” diameter with 16. 5” Length. It features the traditional 5A diameter, weight, Medium taper, and tip but with an extra 0. 5″ Length for better reach
  • Quality American Hickory with German craftsmanship: premium U. S. Hickory is sent to Germany, then constructed with exceptional craftsmanship for a distinguished and highly durable product
  • Your favorite pair will always feel the same: wooden dowels are sorted by weight before manufacturing begins. This extra step ensures your favorite pair always feels the same
  • Acorn shape wood tip: a classic acorn tip produces a clear and articulate tonal response on cymbals and drums. The shape enhances higher end frequencies on cymbals, as well as volume and wash
  • Catering to drummers: every model from Meinl stick & brush caters to drummers who are looking to fine tune their voice and get the most pristine sound from their instrument.


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