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Dynamic microphones come in many shapes and sizes – some with large diaphragms, others small. The size and design of the dynamic element plays a big role in how the mic sounds. In general, the larger the diaphragm, the smoother and deeper the sound. For instance, the venerable large-diaphragm ElectroVoice RE-20 is prized for its silky smooth vocal reproduction. It is also a favorite for brass instruments and bass drums. Another iconic dynamic microphone is the Shure SM-58. Virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1966, the SM-58 is a favorite vocal mic in live sound and concert applications. Using the same dynamic element in a different package, the SM-57 has its own place in history. In addition to duty as the de facto snare drum mic, you can see the SM-57 in action every time the President of the United States speaks. His podium always sports two SM-57s complete with windscreens and a dual-mic mount.

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