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  • korg-kronos-2-88-music-workstation
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    Euphonycart presents Korg Kronos 2 88 Synthesizer.

    Loaded with amazing sounds, powerful performance tools, and everything you need to create master-quality tracks, there’s little wonder why Korg’s second-edition Kronos is the keyboard workstation of choice for A-list artists like Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian. Among its nine pro-quality sound engines, you’ll find everything from premium piano models, classic EPs and organs, and a plethora of synths cultivated over decades of development. Between its tactile controls and oversized touchscreen, you couldn’t ask for an easier system to navigate, and since it’s all housed in a sleek aluminum body with classy wood ends, your Kronos is ready to travel wherever you next gig may be.

    341,500.00 307,300.00
  • KRONOS2-61-2
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    Euphonycart presents Korg Kronos2-61 Synthesizer. The Kronos is back and better than ever. For starters, its got a beautiful sleek new look with wood side panels that give it class and sophistication. And with an Enhanced SGX-2 Grand piano engine, a massive library of top quality sounds, a Natural Touch semi-weighted action keyboard and a complete suite of performance and production tools, the Kronos is one for the professional and the keen amateur alike.

    318,525.00 270,000.00
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    • A rich selection of more than 1,000 powered-up presets | 128MB of expansion PCM memory is built-in, and option libraries are supported | The rich expressive power of the EDS-i sound engine, and a rich selection of effects with 134 types
    • Superb sampling functionality and 16 sampler pads | A panel layout that lets you access functions without confusion | Realtime control section for quick parameter editing
    • Favorite function lets you register and instantly recall up to 128 frequently-used sounds | Quick layer/split can be specified by a single button | Ultra-lightweight compact body; the 61-key model weighs only 3.8 kg, the lightest in its class
    • Long operating life, with six AA batteries allowing up to seven hours of use | A color lineup with a peerless finish that exceeds its class | Audio player/recorder that can be easily triggered by the pads.
    59,850.00 53,865.00
  • monotron delay
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    Euphonycart presents Korg Monotron Delay Synthesizer. The Korg monotron DELAY gives you fat, warm analog synth sounds bathed in outrageous Space Delay. Like Korg’s classic monotron, monotron DELAY gives you an oscillator, filter, and LFO – but adds a seriously twisted Space Delay that lets you unleash swooping, cosmic sounds that’ll put you (and your audiences, if you’re a DJ) on another planet. Dial up pitch changes by varying delay time – just like good ol’ tape slap. You can even apply the filter or delay to external sounds via the aux input! Pilot yourself to distant galaxies with Korg’s monotron DELAY.

    3,780.00 3,000.00
  • monotron duo
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    Euphonycart presents Korg Monotrone Duo Synthesizer. Korg’s monotron DUO analog synthesizer is part of Korg’s immensely popular mono-line of pint-sized analog synths – they sound huge yet fit in your pocket. The no-frills design gives you two voltage-controlled oscillators (hence the name DUO) and the same voltage-controller filter circuit from the revered Korg MS10 and MS20 synths. You get the thick, syrupy sound only possible with an analog circuit with the Korg monotron DUO.

    4,110.00 3,800.00
  • Kross 288 MB Digital Synthesizer, the long-awaited successor of the Kross, is a compact, portable workstation with a huge range of sounds. While maintaining its identity as ultra-lightweight, compact, and capable of running on batteries, this new model dramatically enhances Kross’s sounds and functionality. In addition to a total of more than a thousand preset sounds, expansion PCM memory has been newly added. Also new is a pad sampler that allows full-fledged sampling, and USB audio/MIDI interface functionality. The color scheme is even more stylish, and the user interface allows intuitive operation even by beginners.Keys, Drums, Sequences, Sampling, and a Performance PowerhouseThe 88-key model of the all-in-one Kross 2 synthesizer is now available in a super matte black rubberized finish. Packed with all the immediacy and huge sound of the Kross 2, it features an additional expansion that adds programs including a beautifully resonant acoustic piano. Designed to be your main keyboard, Kross 2 features everything a performer needs, far exceeding its class in power and usability. Rubberized Matte Black Finish is Sleek and Uniquely DurableThe Kross 2-88-MB features a great-feeling rubberized finish in super matte black, simultaneously sleek and elegant, but also durable and comfortable. Rich sounds powered by added PCM A diverse array of more than 1,000 preset sounds has been supplemented by additional PCM with 128 programs that include piano and electric piano, and also fulfill your needs for cutting-edge EDM with synth and drum sounds plus 27 drum track patterns. Piano Weight Keybed for Natural PerformanceThe Kross 2-88-MB features Korg’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keybed. The NH keybed has a realistic and comfortable piano-style hammer, with a heavier feel in the lower register and a touch that becomes lighter as you move into the high register, allowing the subtle nuances of your fingertips to show through in your performance.

  • Wave sequencing synthesis is back and better than ever, in the Korg Wavestate 37-key synthesizer. Building on the legendary heritage of the original Wavestation from 1990, and with a focus on real-time performance and groundbreaking sample manipulation, everyone from fans of classic ’90s synths to forward-thinking sound designers have reason to be excited. By combining elements of subtractive synthesis, groove boxes and drum machines, and algorithmic composition, Wavestate offers sonic capabilities you won’t find anywhere else. And with the ability to save your presets as a Set List for fast recall, and Smooth Sound Transitions that allow a sound to finish ringing out even after you’ve changed patches, the Korg Wavestate synthesizer keyboard could be the new performance synth you’ve been waiting for.

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