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Have you ever felt the need to try a new instrument after playing the same instrument for years?

Then Euphonycart welcomes you.

Here you can find numerous brands in both traditional and state-of-the-art technology. Euphonycart deals with various brands in “Drum Throne” such as Pearl, Tama, Mapex, DB, Sonor, Chancellor Etc.
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  • Euphonycart Presents Kadence NK28 Drum Throne. This drum throne which is a great accessory for drummers, is made up of high quality material, it features a sturdy construction which will make it last for long. It comes with a round seat and a tripod base that enhances stability. You can adjust the height of the seat according to your need so that you don’t face any obstruction while playing the drums. This drum throne will surely prove to be of great utility to you.

  • The T250A throne is an ideal starting point for any beginner. Its basic but solid construction and function will keep young drummers happy until their ready to step-up their full kit. Its smaller cushion also makes it portable enough for any drummer (or even keyboard player) looking to stow it in their gear bag for grab-and-go gigs.

  • T775
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    With its 17″ x 4″ saddle-style cushioned top and adjustable back rest, the T775 throne is the pinnacle of support and comfort. The sloped leg openings of biomechanically shaped seat provide a free range of motion while the raised center and back edge help the player to maintain balance. The addition of a 4th double-braced leg makes this throne extremely stable.

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  • D790
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    If you’re looking for an affordable-yet-comfortable drum throne, check out the D790 from Pearl. It’s collapsible design makes it completely portable and it features a thickly padded round vinyl covered cushion. Molded rubber feet keep the D790 for sliding, and a die-cast seat bracket gives the D790 its remarkable stability and durability. The D790 also gives you infinite height adjustment options, so you can adjust it to meet your exact preferred playing position. Its height settings are Stop-Lock secured and memorized, making it fast and easy to set up.

    5,950.00 5,535.00
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